about "cryptomall authentication system®"

"cryptomall authentication system®" is callled as the system which's combined with "cryptomall authentication chip®" we develop our own technology by using blockchain and "cryptomall authentication platform®"(US・EPO world patent: 2020-103179).

"cryptomall authentication chip ®" is a unique IC chip that is directly incorporated into the product.

"cryptomall authentication platform®" is a platform for recording product information etc. on a unique blockchain in a state where it cannot be tampered with.

with this system, it is possible to prove the credibility (truth) of the product and the transparency of the traceability of the distribution process.

~"cryptomall authentication system®" with blockchain and multisig~

 blockchain refers to a technology that manages a block of data that records transaction details for a certain period of time by connecting it like a chain (distributed ledger).

multi-sig is what is called multi-signature, which is the technology needed for multiple secret keys for the signature of transaction.

we can realize highly accurate "genuine" proof by using multisig authentication which cannot be worked without both.

~you can easily check "genuine" anytime, anywhere~

by simply holding a device such as a smartphone over two or more "cryptomall authentication chip®", you can easily check "genuine" anytime, anywhere. you can check product information, distribution information, and other purchaser information (personal information is anonymized) that cannot be forged or tampered with.

~website link~

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protect your "corporate brand value" from "fake plagiarism products" by using "cryptomall authentication system®"|cryptomall japan inc.

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